Furry globes of lusciousness

As a child I loved cereal. As sweet and radioactive as I could get it. And if the box contained hidden plastic treats, all the better.  As an adult, however, I went through a bit of a “wilderness years” period where I hardly touched cereal, preferring toast, fruit, or eggs for breakfast instead. 

But now I seem to be experiencing a bit of a renaissance. I’ve taken to eating muesli or branflakes, soaked in almond or rice milk by choice as soon as I wake. I will often be found of a morning sitting around in my big pants eating a bowl of cereal topped with whatever fruit I can get my hands on. I’m clearly going through some sort of second childhood.

This morning the fruit to hand was flat peaches, glorious little furry globes of sweet lusciousness. So delicious. I gorge on these when they come into season; for me, there’s nothing sweeter. I may have to have a second bowl…