Fast food – charred vegetables with lime tahini

The fridge yesterday was littered with bits of vegetables left over from the last few meals – half a red pepper, a few sprigs of purple sprouting broccoli, a heel of butternut squash. All looking a little sad for themselves.

Channeling Frugal Queen I decided that it couldn’t all go to waste, and that there was enough for a good lunch with a little imagination.

Onto the roasting tray went the bits of sweet pepper, cubed butternut squash, a few quarters of red onion and a few cloves of garlic. A generous drizzle of olive oil and a grind or two of salt and it was roasted for fifteen minutes, adding the brocolli for a final fifteen minute blast.

Tahini, maple syrup, the juice and grated zest of a fresh lime and seasoning were whipped up together and scooped onto the now charred and softened vegetables from the oven.

Fast food at its best. Thirty minutes, and fresh, healthy and prepared with minimal cost.

What’s not to love.


Once around the fridge salad

It’s a flat cleaning day today. I’m knee deep in dusting cloths and mops as I do my best to freshen up my rather dusty, slightly grubby London abode, something which is woefully overdue. I am clearly a slattern. 

I was tempted to stop and get something quick in for lunch, like a pizza, but a forage around in the undergrowth of the fridge shamed me into making something fresh with what I had to hand instead. It’s saved me the cost of a takeaway, my trainer would be proud as it’s much healthier, and the whole thing took around thirty seconds to make. 

What was to hand were a couple of smoked mackerel fillets, half an avocado, some tomatoes, the end of a cucumber and a few sad looking pine nuts in the remains of an opened packet. Tossed together with a splash of white wine vinegar, sumac, and a drizzle of good olive oil, it was more than passable. 

There’s nothing wrong with a “once around the fridge and throw it all in a bowl” lunch now and then. 

Feeling sanctimonious ☺️

Embrace your inner bagel

FullSizeRender Lunch is usually one of those meals taken on the run for me. I try to eat mindfully and ring the changes as often as I can, but to be honest a quick sandwich or salad is the most effort that I can muster on a busy day.

So a toasted, seeded bagel filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese and peppery watercress was a welcome change to the usual fare. And it made me wonder why I don’t eat more bagels?

Delicious, relatively healthy and quick to pull together, I’ve decided that  bagels are to be embraced in the Luffy household. I can feel myself whipping up unusual combinations for fillings as we speak…

There’s nothing like a bit of bagel love