Fabulous leftover frittata

So, when what we have in the fridge is a solitary potato, a box of eggs, half a red and green pepper and a rather sad looking courgette, do we head for the Indian takeaway? We do not! We make fabulous frittata.

It sounds exotically complicated and Italian, doesn’t it. But it’s really just a big veggie omelette that you don’t have to have kittens about trying to flip. What’s not to love.

Great with salad, fresh greens, or if in need of something from your childhood, baked beans….


The Egg Meister

You have to love a man who can scramble eggs to perfection. There’s simply no other course of action possible. And my husband is indeed the Egg Meister.

Breakfast in bed with scrambled Burford Brown eggs, feta cheese and sliced spicy Turkish sausage, with toasted sourdough on the side. Deliciousness itself.

What’s not to love 😍