The cheese & mustard scones of winter

A hot, savoury, cheesy mouthful of scone, with chunks of cold butter melting into the crumb and dripping onto the plate. What could be better to warm chilled fingers and soothe the soul on a cold, wet London evening?

Mine were dunked into a steaming leek, butternut and bean soup, but these beauties could be eaten with anything. Or on their own, as you please.


The perfect cheese butty

There has always been much debate about what constitutes the perfect cheese sandwich, that beloved lunch of most Brits.

Sliced bread, doorstops from a whole loaf, white, brown or malted? Do rolls or baps count as authentic? (Apparently not).

What type of cheese works best, cheddar, Leicestershire, Camembert, Gouda? Hands down for me it has to be cheddar, sliced thickly, never grated. Life is too short to chase tiny parings of cheese around a plate.

Is it acceptable to add mayonnaise? And tomatoes, cucumber or pickle? Absolutely, say I, pile them on as you wish. A good, tangy mature cheese can hold its own with whatever else you care to throw at it. I personally always add a slick of mayo if I have it; something to do with the nostalgia of salad cream from the sandwiches of my childhood.

Let the debate rage. I’m going to be too busy munching on my butty to worry about who agrees or disagrees 😊…