Apple and blackberry pie with sweet almond crust pastry

Autumn is definitely apple pie time.

Crisp, sweet Scrumptious, Braeburn and Bramleys, peeled, chopped into chunks and dotted with fat, juicy blackberries. Maybe scattered with some nutmeg and brown sugar before being encased in sweet almond pastry, crumbly and fragrant.

All baked until golden brown and crispy.

It’s all I can do to not eat this straight from the pie tin. I eventually manage to allow it to cool for twenty minutes before slicing, and serve it still warm with a dollop of creme fraiche.

The whole kitchen smells of baked apples and nutmeg now. Gorgeous autumn smells!


Scrumptious Apple Cake

With the colder mornings this week, and strong, autumnal winds, down come the apples.

We have a young apple tree which bears the fruit variety called Scrumptious.

It’s a small, firm fleshed, juicy, sweet red apple, as good for cooking as it is for eating. I never see this variety for sale in the supermarkets or greengrocers here in London, which is such a shame. The flavour intensity and versatility of this apple is wonderful.

I made my first apple cake of the season with these apples today. Topped with brown sugar and cinnamon, it’s the warming taste of autumn with our first apples of the season.