Chickpea, leek and red pepper patties

I love a good chickpea burger! 

Heavily laced with garlic, fresh coriander and seasonings, these patties do have a tendency to fall apart a bit with no eggs to bind them, but that’s a small price to pay for the sheer deliciousness of them.

Finely chopped onion, garlic, half a leek, a tin of chickpeas mashed down with a fork, half a red pepper, sumac and paprika. Molded into patties with floury hands and fried in olive oil for ten minutes until crispy. 

So useful to use up “bits” of remaining vegetables in the fridge, and a healthy, filling supper. As well as cheap to boot.

What’s not to love 😊


Straight to my hips

I was meeting friends straight from work this evening, and knowing that quantities of wine would be involved, I decided that I’d better eat something reasonably substantial. Olives wouldn’t really cut it in the defence stakes tonight!

I popped into Patty and Bun in Soho, a small, rather hipster burger joint near Greek Street and ordered one of their crispy buttermilk chicken burgers. 

It was quite simply one of the best chicken burgers that I’ve ever eaten. It came loaded with lettuce, sliced pickles, mayo and a soft, sweet brioche bun, wrapped up in greasproof paper. Simple and totally , succulently, crisply delectable. 

Whenever I try and photograph a burger it always turns out, well, brown. And underwhelming. But take my word for it that this was in the “best chicken burger of all time” league, truly. 

It will go straight to my hips, obviously