The Banana Bagels 

When I was a small child, a great treat of mine was a banana sliced on white, buttered bread. Mine was a family which didn’t have bananas in the house very often, and when the opportunity presented itself I would eat it in bliss, sprinkled with brown sugar if I could get it. 

Somehow, in this era of the exotic, the organic, the seeded and the wholegrain, this has remained in my memory as a simple comfort food. An antidote to the overly complex and the worthy. A balm to the breakfast soul.

This morning I split and generously buttered a white bagel and sliced my banana onto it. I experienced a strange frisson of nostalgia as the taste of the salty butter and sweet, soft banana sparked memories of being five again. 

Pure time travel.


Embrace your inner bagel

FullSizeRender Lunch is usually one of those meals taken on the run for me. I try to eat mindfully and ring the changes as often as I can, but to be honest a quick sandwich or salad is the most effort that I can muster on a busy day.

So a toasted, seeded bagel filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese and peppery watercress was a welcome change to the usual fare. And it made me wonder why I don’t eat more bagels?

Delicious, relatively healthy and quick to pull together, I’ve decided that  bagels are to be embraced in the Luffy household. I can feel myself whipping up unusual combinations for fillings as we speak…

There’s nothing like a bit of bagel love