Griddled aubergine, mint, nut and feta bake

I had plans to make a nut roast for dinner tonight, but my loaf tin was in another apartments kitchen and there was no easy way of getting it back in time. I was really in the mood for nuts this evening, so I figured that I could improvise with what I had.

What I had was a bag of mixed nuts, two plump aubergines, glimmering balefully at me from the vegetable bowl where they’d sat for the last week, feta, mint, onions and tomatoes.

I sliced and griddled the aubergines and layered them into a baking tin. I sauted the onion and garlic, chopped the nuts and some fresh mint, and mixed these with a handful of hastily made breacrumbs. Moistened with vegetable bouillon and some chopped feta this came together as a loose, nutty ‘stuffing’ mixture which I layered twice more with the griddled aubergines and tomatoes like a lasagne.

All topped off with a final scattering of sumac and feta (well ok, more of a smothering.. I love feta) and behold! The birth of a new Luffy creation!

It’s true what they say that necessity is the mother of all invention…