Crispy kale with lemon maple tahini dressing

This is so simple it’s hardly even a recipe. I’m almost embarrassed to post it. But it’s delicious. This seriously takes ten minutes from start to ready to eat, and it’s warming and nutritious.

Heat your oven to hot, and in a baking tin pile in handfuls of kale, a shake of olive oil, salt and sumac. Add a handful of pine nuts and currants for extra crunch and little pops of sweetness. Roast for about ten minutes until crisp.

In a jar mix a large spoonful of tahini, the juice of a lemon, some salt and maple syrup to taste. I sometimes add a little hot water to thin if it’s not of drizzling consistency.

Serve over rice, drizzled generously with the tahini maple dressing. Munch happily.


Hazy hazelnut heaven

A hazelnut martini sipped before a festive dinner at the wonderful London restaurant, The Laughing Gravy, on a cold December night.

Frangelico, (a gorgeous Italian liqueur), kahlua and vodka. The rim dusted with powdered hazelnuts and sugar. One of those cocktails that was so well balanced and delicious that I could have happily drunk a second, and a third… until I was in hazy, hazelnut heaven… 🍸

Fabulous leftover frittata

So, when what we have in the fridge is a solitary potato, a box of eggs, half a red and green pepper and a rather sad looking courgette, do we head for the Indian takeaway? We do not! We make fabulous frittata.

It sounds exotically complicated and Italian, doesn’t it. But it’s really just a big veggie omelette that you don’t have to have kittens about trying to flip. What’s not to love.

Great with salad, fresh greens, or if in need of something from your childhood, baked beans….